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Meet BTR Celo, One of the Best Flanker Lady of PUBG Mobile

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Meet BTR Celo, The Flanker Lady of PUBG Mobile

Bigetron Esports is well-known as an esports organisation that is home of one of the best PUBG Mobile division in Indonesia. Bigetron is focused on developing PUBGM professional teams, both female and male team. The female team is known as Belletron Elite that was formed in 2019. They recruited many players for joining the division, and one of the player that attracted many fans’ attention is BTR Celo.

Curious about her profile? Here you go.

Rachel Maryam Azzahralika is a pro female player with the abilities that cannot be underestimated. As a player, she has an extraordinary skill which makes her easily accepted into Belletron.

Her consistent performance in playing PUBGM attracts Bigetron Esports’ attention and eventually she was invited to join the Belletron Elite. Later on, she bears the name of BTR Celo, who is also recognized as a player that is able to read the flow of the gameplay really well.

Belletron Elite is different with Belletron Ace, as the Belletron Ace was formed first. While Belletron Elite was just established on September 6th 2019 with the different rosters, their first debut was on September 13th-14th in ICE BSD tournament, Jakarta with Celo as one of its player.

BTR Celo has also become a popular player on social media. She usually uploads gaming content on her YouTube channel. She also often greets her fans through her personal Instagram.

BTR Celo Is Well-known as One of the Best Female Flanker

The player who is familiarly called Celo is assigned a role as a flanker. Her ability in flanking is labeled as one of the best PUBGM female players in Indonesia. Flanker is a role when a player distracts enemies in the game.

The flanker is in charge to do a surprise attack to the enemy as well as making a gap and distraction. Its job is to make the enemy confused, and at the same time gather information of the enemy’s position. A flanker must have a good strategy in the game so that they won’t easily be trapped, or their movement easily predicted by the enemy.

With that ability in hand, she and her team successfully won 3rd place in PUBG Mobile Indonesia National Championship (PINC) tournament. Belletron managed to achieve 3rd place for the ladies division in that competition.

BTR Celo is currently active as a gaming content creator. During her time as an esports player, Celo is also an active streamer on Nimo TV. She often shows off her gaming skills and engages to her fans while she live-streams.

Aside from live streaming content, Celo also uploads her PUBGM gameplay on her YouTube channel, namely Rachel Celo. The channel is managed by herself since December 2019. Today BTR Celo has gained more than 83.5k of subscribers.

Instagram-wise, as a popular lady pro player, she has 688k followers. With those huge amounts of followers, she could get an endorsement job and became a brand ambassador for many products.

Due to BTR Celo’s popularity on social media, she is now reputed to become a brand ambassador of @glory.auction, an online auction platform for branded goods.

Celo also started a business called Weezy Store, an online microtransaction shop for PUBG, Mobile Legends, Free Fire, and many other mobile games.

BTR Celo Is An Active Content Creator

BTR Celo became a Belletron Elite player since 2019 until the team was finally disbanded. On October 31, 2020, Belletron Elite is officially disbanded. The disbandment of the team was announced through the official social media account of Bigetron Esports.

The disbandment was quite surprising for the public since all the players were considered active in participating many tournaments. It is known that Belletron Elite was disbanded due to lacking of performance while they were still active.

The journey of BTR Celo with the Belletron Elite is quite long. That team, which grouped by new players, once was recruited by ION Esports to play in PUBGM Pro League (PMPL) 2020 Indonesia Ladies Season. In the tournament, they had to face Balletron Ace that eventually won the competition while ION Esports only making it to 12th place.

It’s generally known that the Belletron Elite was composed of BTR Shelline, BTR Jtea, BTR Ellis, and BTR Celo. Then those rosters was changed and only maintained Nikki, JT, and Celo. Though, currently the three female players are currently back to living their own lives.

Nikki, for example, will take a break from the PUBGM pro player scene and focus on her education for a while JT was rumored to continue to be a professional player and played on the other team. Meanwhile, Celo herself, is still joining Bigetron Esports.

BTR Celo is still putting on Bigetron Esports’ uniform and is still a part of them. Currently, the only remaining PUBGM ladies division in Bigetron Esports is Belletron Ace. Belletron Ace is indeed well-known as the best team of PUBGM ladies division in Indonesia.

They successfully got the 4th place in PMPL 2020 Season 2 Southeast Asia (SEA) Ladies tournament. Many fans got disappointed with the disbandment of Belletron Elite since it was known that the team had successfully contributed lots of achievements from the PINC Ladies 2019. However, the fans hope their future careers will shine even though their choice is not in esports anymore.

Even though they were disbanded, it didn’t prevent Celo to work and have a career in esports. Celo, who was born on January 13, is still active in playing PUBGM and doing live stream on her Nimo TV channel. She is currently having more than 148k followers on Nimo.

Celo also often plays video games with another streamer like Microboy, who belongs to EVOS Esports. Their contents are loved by many of their fans.

Well-known as a player who has a baby face appearance, she is really agile in playing PUBGM even if it’s just for fun. So that until now she still has many loyal fans thanks to her humble personality.

Haccah Jovan Rizaldy A senior-year student who dreamed to be a full-time translator and interested to learn something new. Big fan of RTS games and a Pokémon fanatic.