Activation Case Study: Cloud Song Pre Launching & Launching Campaign

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Activation Case Study: Cloud Song Pre Launching & Launching Campaign

When it comes to launching a new game, raising the awareness of the targeted market is a crucial step not to miss. Starting from August 19th to September 19th 2021, we ran a campaign for a new MMORPG game by VNG called Cloud Song: Saga of Skywalker.

For those of you who are curious about the full report on what Cloud Song games look like and the result of our campaign, please keep on reading this article because something exciting is coming through!

Cloud Song In A Glance

In case you miss the hype of Cloud Song: Saga of Skywalker, it is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) or Action Role Playing Game (ARPG) which is categorized as an adventure fantasy kind of genre. Things get exciting when players in Cloud Song : Saga of Skywalker will be able to choose whether they want to play either PvP (Player versus Player) mode or PvE (Player versus Environment) mode.

Remembering the purpose of this article is about demonstrating the report result when promoting Cloud Song: Saga of Skywalker campaign on all of our channels: including our news portal, and our social media.

Here we are highlighting more into data analysis of our digital banner performance on our site, article content marketing, and also Instagram and Facebook posts.

In recap, there are in total 35 types of daily contents created (includes banners design on website) that helps to boost the engagement and audience to be aware of Cloud Song: Saga of Skywalker. These contents are distributed in two phases until four days after Cloud Song : Saga of Skywalker launched.

In phase one, the campaign focusing on the pre-launching was held from 23th July 2021 to 27 August 2021. Meanwhile on phase two the launching campaign was held from 8th September 2021 to 23th September 2021.

Highlights from the First Phase/Pre-launching Campaign

In the first phase, all campaigns including banner, article, and social media posts are focusing on sharing knowledge about what is Cloud Song : Saga of Skywalker. Before the tournament started, the use of media press on banners were shown twice on an article with both 64.808 impressions.

Meanwhile three articles posted on esportasnesia have 1508, 537, and 246 impressions. These articles are specifically discussing “Pre-launched” which shares brief information and what prizes can players get if they win, “What is Cloud Song?”, and “Why You Should Play Cloud Song: Saga of Skywalker”.

Nowadays press releases won’t be complete without the intervention of social media, specifically Instagram and Facebook. As the duo mega social media, the campaign doesn’t want to miss the chance to launch the campaign in social media to boost the excitement of gaming community.

The total reach from both social media posts on Instagram and Facebook are 148.684 meanwhile four social media postings with promotion ads have successfully reached up to 38.509. With all campaigns as a sum up, the pre-launched campaign could gain a total 319.100 impressions. It’s obviously not a small amount of impressions, and it could have a high chance of leading to big hype while launching Cloud Song: Saga of Skywalker.

The Successful Pre-Launch Campaign of Cloud Song: Saga of Skywalker

Although the first phase campaign seems successful, we don’t stop there. Eleven days before Cloud Song: Saga of Skywalker officially launched for the first time, we kept on running a campaign called phase two campaign. The reason is because we aim for engagement on the internet and encouragement from the audience to play Cloud Song: Saga of Skywalker.

In the second phase, the major topic of the campaign is more of the technical points in Cloud Song : Saga of Skywalker. For instance, what experience you can enjoy while playing this game, what modes are available in the game, until the call to action for downloading and start playing.

Similar to the first phase, there are also three (with one bonus) articles posted on Esportsnesia’s website. Those articles are mainly focused on the technical process and what players can enjoy while playing Cloud Song : Saga of Skywalker. The page viewers could be categorized as middle to high because of the various numbers, like 97, 182, 1.052, and 36.

Although the first phase of the campaign was introducing Cloud Song : Saga of Skywalker on social media, after 40 days we uploaded again about “What is Cloud Song?” to refresh the audience. Different from the first phase that discusses more on the game teaser and features available in the game, in the second phase it’s more technical like the system on how to play the game in a more advanced way.

Social media posting also can be seen in Instagram and Facebook with the total reach for social media posts on Instagram is 49.265 meanwhile single posts on Facebook got up to 889. Besides social media posts, Instagram also posted and promoted an article that has 5.374 reaches.

cloud song

Campaign wouldn’t be complete without a banner promoting on the website, the banner placements can be found in two areas of an article with 349.701 impressions. From data collected, the highest demographic in banner placement goes to male which is 63,6% meanwhile 36,4% female who see or clicked the banner. In addition, the highest audience who gave impressions to the banner are those who aged 16-24 years old.

In Summary

From the translation of the mentioned data above we can conclude that with the same amount of posting on the first and second phase, it turns out the total impression in the second phase exceeds 437.197 impressions. The combined impression from phase 1 and 2 also reaches more than 1 million impressions, or 1.075.397 to be precise.

Overall, this case study from the report showed the successful campaign for Cloud Song: Saga of Skywalker’s project.