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Meet Rasyah Rasyid, The Young Youtuber Who Is Now A Pro Player

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Rasyah Rasyid

Says who, that children are only wasting their time playing Free Fire? This stereotype does not apply to Rasyah Rashid, a professional Free Fire player who has just joined EVOS Esports in 2021.

At a very young age, Rasyah managed to become a pro player in the Free Fire pro scene      even before he joined EVOS Esports.

EVOS has 2 Free Fire divisions that accommodate pro player team and semi-professional team. Both of them are preparing for the Free Fire Master League (FFML) Season IV. There are many preparations that need to be done. One of them is EVOS Immortal, the newly formed division in 2021 which became the second division of EVOS Free Fire.

One of the players who caught the public attention is Rasyah Rasyid, the youngest EVOS player, who is still 12 years old.

Even though he is still young, he has recorded many achievements as a player and content creator of Free Fire.

Before becoming a professional player, he has initiated his own gaming channel on YouTube. His channel is widely known as a popular gaming contents in Indonesia.

Rasyah who has the dream to be a pilot, first entered the life of a content creator on YouTube when he was 8 years old, precisely on March 13, 2017.

Under the Paw Race channel, he created Limbo and Mobile Legends contents. He was really good in playing Fanny in Mobile Legends game, as he was also in the Top Global leaderboard.

After focusing on creating Mobile Legends content, in 2019, he finally switched to Free Fire. Currently, he already has 6.4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, which now has been rebranded to Rasyah Rashid.

Rasyah Rasyid Started Playing Free Fire Inspired by His Sibling

Rasyah Rasyid plays Free Fire because he was inspired by his sibling, who is a Survivor (how you address a Free Fire player). He knew Free Fire for the first time when his sibling invited him to play the game with his friends. At that time he was still not use to it, and it was very difficult to play Free Fire.

But soon after that, Rasyah became addicted and learned from his sibling about the strategy with his friends. Starting from that point, today his ability has been well recognized by many pro players and Free Fire YouTuber. He often showcases his ability through a Fun Match hosted by Garena.

Many people accused Rasyah of using game jockeys at the time. However, he was able to show his abilities when he managed to defeat a squad of opponents himself in a fun match of Tourniversary Star Clash event. He also has a unique playing style in Free Fire,which is playing using five fingers, since he plays on a tablet.

When Rasyah Rasyid joins EVOS Immortal team, he received a lot of support from the community, parents, and teachers. They are very supportive and never forbid him to play as long as he is disciplined in school and worship.

When Bang Manay invited him to join EVOS, he was very happy, especially when he brought the name EVOS into the Free Fire pro scene.

Getting Support from Family

Rasyah Rasyid’s father admits that his family is supporting Rasyah’s career in esports. Moreover, Rasyah still managed to get some achievements in school, even though his education in school was to be a point of concern. Apparently, he managed his school and play games pretty well, Rasyah even made it into the top 10 in his class.

At school, Rasyah never got into serious trouble. His teacher never scolds him, instead, they really support his activities as he always finishes his assignments before playing games.

At first, Rasyah’s father didn’t think his son could be famous by playing games. In fact, Rasyah has a lot of fans that always support him, both on social media or in real life. He is very proud of Rasyah, although he is also quite concerned with the choice of his son.

In order to maintain his son education, he facilitates Rasyah with home-schooling, so that Rasyah can continue to attend school to pursue his education.

Rasyah’s father also advised other parents to give confidence to their children to develop their career choices. As long as the children can balance education, worship, and remain humble. Of course, attention and support for children are much needed so that the children can be discipline.

Practicing Hard to Join Tournament

Rasyah Rasyid goes through various routines with the team to prepare for the tournament. During the home school breaks for three days a week, he makes time to practice Free Fire. For him, forming a pattern of discipline in activities is very important, especially as a professional player.

During his training with EVOS, Rasyah admitted that he didn’t find any problem getting up early, showering, having breakfast, practicing, praying, and doing sports activities with other players. EVOS usually holds team training after the afternoon and intensive training close to tournament time.

Although already disciplined, Rasyah admits that it is difficult to practice because his training is so hard. He is even more challenged because he can compete with big teams. He has a target for EVOS Immortal to win the tournament and prove that he can compete with other players.

Rasyah Rasyid becomes part of EVOS Immortal as a support. There is still a controversy whether teenagers who are still 12 years old can take part in FFML Division 2. Currently, Rasyah is under a contract with EVOS and is legally valid as long as the parents are aware of the contract.

Parents are responsible for knowing, approving, and signing the contracts of underage players. For regulation in esports especially from Garena. Underage players are allowed to compete in both FFML and FFIM as long as they are in the Indonesian region.

Garena does not provide general restrictions for the Indonesian region to be able to take part in the big tournament. Unless you have entered a world tournament, in the FFWS event for example, there is an age restriction for players who want to participate in the competition.

We already knew that Free Fire is really popular among children in Indonesia. For this reason, FFML Season II in Indonesia has been joined by many underage players. Children’s rights must be protected in it, both during the training process until the tournament.

Even though Rasyah Rasyid has now changed his direction from a YouTuber to become a pro player, he is still actively uploading video contents on his YouTube channel. Rasyah admitted that he was very happy to join EVOS and bring the big name of EVOS in the Free Fire tournament.

Rasyah advise other Survivor to practice and participate frequently in tournaments organized by Garena and the community to discover more about their potentials.

Rahma Hidayatul Husna I am an ordinary college student who is an English enthusiast, Anime lover, and cat butler. Being a successful businesswoman is my biggest dream.