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Meet EVOS Taxstump, The Analyst of EVOS Legends

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EVOS Taxstump

Taxstump first started his career as an esports athlete (or pro player) and is currently an esports analyst for EVOS Esports. However, his career in esports wasn’t started from Mobile Legends, but instead from other MOBA games that are also played competitively.

Taxstump played League of Legends (LOL), Arena of Valor (AOV), and now focus on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). With his long hour, it is not a surprise that he posseses quite a skill in MOBA games.

He was once a part of White Essence Esports, a squad from Bandung that played League of Legends competitively.

Then, graduating from LOL team, Taxstump joined RRQ Esports to play in the division of Arena of Valor (AOV).

RRQ NOVA, the AOV division of RRQ, consisted of Hachiman, Eunha, Ten, Phoenix, and Taxstump himself.

The team won various competitions, one of them is the OPPO F5 X AOV tournament where they managed to beat Bigetron.

While still in RRQ Nova, he happened to join ASL Season 1 and Season. After the second Season, RRQ announced the disbandment of RRQ Nova due to the lack of seriousness in Garena’s management, especially for esports development. Not to mention that Garena was uncertain about the commencement of ASL Season 3.

Soon after, EVOS Taxstump joined the We Against the World Esports or WAW Esports which was formed by Reza Arap Oktovian. This team consisted of Mumuy, raz0r, RAZE, Natiomea, and Taxstump.

Even though it was newly formed, this AOV team, which was a part of WAW Esports, managed to win the AOV National Championship 2018 in Bandung.

Unfortunately, the AOV team later disbanded again in 2019. It was officially announced by its founder on April 1, 2019, via his Twitter account.

The short lifespan of this AOV team finally made Taxstump switched to Mobile Legends.

The Mobile Legends Era of EVOS Taxstump

After moving out to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Taxstump didn’t play as a player, but as a coach. He went to Malaysia to train Axis Esports. After that, he became the Esports coach of the 7 Heaven team from Bandung which was founded by SK_1st.

Even only lasted for a month and a half with 7 Heaven, he claimed to have gained a lot of experience in esports development in Bandung. He already had a plan to return to Jakarta for studying esports in Indonesia. He was also looking for a bigger esports team to accomplish more achievements.

Taxstump was rumored that he will join one of the big esports teams during MPL ID Season 6. Many people expect that he will play as a professional Mobile Legends player.

However, It turned out that in August 2020, he was announced to be the coach of EVOS Legends to replace EVOS Zeys who had been carried this team until it became a champion of MPL ID Season 4 and M1 World Championship 2019.

Stanley Hermawan, the real name of EVOS Taxstump, was officially announced by EVOS to be one of their new coach who will carry the team to play in MPL ID Season 6.

There was a particular reason why EVOS chose him as a coach. Though he was new in coaching, he had a quite long experience in MOBA games.

Rumor said that after not being a coach anymore, Zeys is still with EVOS Esports. Many thought he would be a player in this season. This is even more believable after news that says Zeys is playing Chou from Donkey, a former EVOS Legends player.

Becoming an Analyst for EVOS Legends

The news of Zeys being a player was strengthened after the release of the player roster for MPL ID Season 6. Zeys’s demotion was caused by disorganization within the team and the managerial so that he had to step down himself as a player. Unfortunately, EVOS Legends had to lose in the playoffs of MPL ID Season 6 and lost the first match of MPLI Season 2.

Approaching the MPL ID Season 6, Zeys again became the coach of EVOS Legends, while EVOS Taxstump is the analyst. From the beginning, EVOS Taxstump’s role was as an analyst at EVOS Legends.

However, at that time he was appointed to be a trainer because all this time, Zeys had not received a Residence Permit Card (Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas/Tetap, KITAS) to work in Indonesia.

Zeys comes from Singapore and must have a KITAS card to be able to work in Indonesia. His position at that time was not safe because he had not finished processing his card. So, starting from the fifth week, apart from being a player, Zeys returned to being a coach. Meanwhile, EVOS Taxstump was the analyst.

This has been clarified by Taxstump himself, that he has been an analyst from the beginning. It’s just that he replaced Zeys’ position, moreover, Zeys was also registered as a player. This problem disrupted the process of playing on EVOS itself because in the end Zeys also didn’t have the opportunity to play as a player during MPL ID Season 6 and MDL Season 2.

The inclusion of EVOS Taxstump back as an analyst and Zeys as a trainer improves the performance of EVOS Legends. The team managed to win twice in a row in the fifth week after the change of position. Even though they failed at MPL ID Season 6, their performance improved in the following season.

Responding to Criticism Professionally

On MPL Indonesia Season 7, no one expected EVOS Legends to return and show its fangs after the victory in MPL ID Season 4. Many predicted that Alter Ego will be the champion in this seventh season of Mobile Legends tournament. At that time, many criticisms are thrown at EVOS Legends.

However, Taxstump responded professionally. For example, EVOS Legends received criticism from netizens about using the monotonous or unvarying draft pool. The team is considered to have a small hero pool. It is common for them to be compared to other teams that frequently pick various unique heroes.

Taxstump replied that it was indeed part of their plan so that the strategy in the playoffs won’t be known because other heroes aren’t picked. “We can win just by using our current heroes, we keep others for later,” he responded casually.

Even EVOS Rect that only uses Angela and Diggie can play very dangerously. Still, he is being criticized for only being able to use those two support heroes.

Choosing unique heroes can be very risky. As an analyst, Taxtstump responds to criticism calmly. He explained that he didn’t care about comments because they had already designed the best strategy for the team.

Taxstump emphasized that the main goal of EVOS Legends is to win in the MPL Indonesia Season 7 tournament. He simply ignores unnecessary comments about picking heroes because what they are aiming for is victory.

Messing around to pick heroes differently will only cause failure. There should be no room for mistakes.

With the given strategy, it is proven that EVOS Legends managed to win the MPL Indonesia Season 7. This victory does show that those lousy comments were successfully refuted with a brilliant strategy.

M. Daffa Arian Pratama A former game developer, now studying English to learn more about games from worldwide. He likes programming, hacking, and graphic design, but his friends often see him as a tech support.