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Meet EVOS Violet, The Chou-bender of EVOS Lynx

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EVOS Violet

EVOS Lynx, the ladies Mobile Legends division of EVOS Esports, consists of only the best pro female players who is on par with pro male players. Fajria Noviana, or commonly known as EVOS Violet, is one of EVOS Lynx players who has reliable and stunning gaming skills.

When she first joined EVOS Ladies (now EVOS Lynx) in 2020, as a replacement for Listy Chan, it did not take long for her to adapt to the team’s pace. Her agile adaptation has become her advantage.

Long story short, with her on the team, EVOS Ladies managed to become the champion of Mobile Legends Woman Star League (WSL) Invitational Season 1 2020.

Not only that, EVOS Violet was also awarded the MVP title at the final event of the competition. Before joining EVOS, she was a part of Victim Esports team in Mobile Legends division.

Violet joined EVOS in September 2020 and was introduced as a new player to complete the WSL tournament line-up. At that time, EVOS Ladies were lack of player especially since Listy left EVOS with a scandal, and Pucci had to take a break from the Mobile Legends female pro scene.

Even though she just joined the team, she was able to show her skills well. With the team, she won the trophy for EVOS after defeating Siren Moon in WSL last year.

Even though she was a temporary player, Violet stayed at EVOS Ladies and won for the second time in the Woman Star League Season 2. However, unfortunately in WSL Season 3 2021, EVOS Lynx failed to maintain the defending champion title that they had won in the previous two seasons.

EVOS Violet Is An Internet Café Regular

The story of a pro player is incomplete if we do not know what her background is and how she fell in love with video game. Just like any other pro, Violet has loved video games since her childhood. Hence, no wonder today she is skillful.

Not just an ordinary casual gamer. In fact, she was a regular to an internet cafe which traditionally consists of male players.

Violet reveals some of her story of being an internet café regular. Violet’s mother even had to visit her in the internet café as she went there everyday.

“My mom came to the café and told me to go home and have a lunch first. After eating, I went back to the internet café,” Violet explained through EVOS Funi’s YouTube channel.

Violet actually had a PC as well as an internet connection at her home. But for her, playing games at the internet café is more fun. She herself did not even know about the reasons. Responding to her story, EVOS Jennie also shared a similar story to Violet.

There is no doubt how EVOS Violet is very serious about her interest in esports. She honed her skills by playing competitive games in internet cafés. Thus, it’s not a surprise that she managed to join a big esports team like EVOS Ladies and scored some wins.

EVOS Violet’s Chou Is A Fierce One

Looking back at EVOS Ladies’ victory in the Woman Star League Invitational Season 1, it was a memorable moment for many of EVOS fans.

Not to mention that at that particular time, EVOS Legends were experiencing a crisis in 2020 after being defeated in MPL.

The performance of EVOS Ladies was getting praises as the rosters were improving significantly. EVOS Ladies back then were consisted of: EVOS Caramel, EVOS Funi, EVOS Pica, EVOS Jennie, and EVOS.

EVOS Violet stole a lot of attention for her stand-out gameplay in the final round of WSL Season 1. Violet plays as an offlaner, she boosts the team’s movement on the lane. She also played aggressively on the sideline during the final round against Siren Moon.

At its peak, in the third game, she used Chou, where her gameplay managed to be the center of attraction among the audience.

Violet’s Chou who scored KDA stats of 9-0-3 became the deadliest killer in the match.

Once a champion, many netizens started to compare her Chou with EVOS ex-player, Donkey’s. Many said that Violet’s Chou is better than Donkey’s.

They even asked the two of them to have a one-on-one match to win the informal title of the greatest Chou, mechanics-wise.

Donkey managed to welcome the challenge, however Violet shyly refused the challenge through EVOS Caramel’s livestream at the same time. Donkey himself is already known as a Chou legend in the Land of Dawn.

Being called as better than Donkey is certainly a pride for EVOS Violet. However, despite being praised, she remains humble as she is still learning to become a better player.

EVOS Violet Is Also An Active Content Creator

EVOS Violet chose Chou as her main hero when competing. Chou is a tank fighter hero who has a considerable damage and defense. With a fairly good balance of damage and defense, it helps her to play well with EVOS.

Chou is quite strong as he can play fiercely in both early and late game. However, this hero is quite difficult to use due to his complicated mechanics. If you used the wrong combo, the result will be very fatal.

Apart from being a pro player, EVOS Violet also has other activities, which is as a content creator. She has a livestream channel on Nimo TV under the name of EVOS.Violet. She often streams to show her gaming skills.

Not only livestreaming, Violet also has a personal YouTube channel, Fajria Violet. In her channel, she also shared her gameplay with her friends from EVOS and from outside of her teams. This showed that Violet was also good friends with other pro players.

She also shared a good and clear review of Mobile Legends heroes. She currently has more than 15.8K subscribers. In addition to YouTube, Violet is also seen actively in Instagram.

Through her Instagram account @evos.violet, she shares her daily photos with EVOS Lynx and for endorsements. She already has 72.1K followers on Instagram. Besides being a place where she shares her daily life, Instagram is also a place to find additional income for Violet.

Violet is also known to run a Mobile Legends top-up online store with Aura Becca, one of the ladies players from Aura Esports. Her business @vleegamingshop already has 15.8K followers on Instagram and has a website called vleegamingshop.com.

EVOS Violet also often shares content about her beloved pets. She is known as an animal lover and she owns a cute dog. Apart from dogs, Violet also has a very cute sugar glider. She captures content about animals in her Instagram highlights.

Rama Aldino I am a boy who can play Selena core in MLBB. I like eating, traveling, and love to spend my money on games. But sometimes I often think about "how to be successful at 25 years old?"