Gaming Disorder: Mental Health Disorders on Gamers

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Gaming disorder

Mental health disorders that occurred on gamers such as gaming disorder are important to address. Living leisure time by playing online game is one of the most refreshing activities you can do, especially during a pandemic. Playing online game does not only reduce stress but also increases one’s creativity and imagination.

However, it is highly suggested to not play online games excessively as it can lead one to forget the real life. In the early 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that gaming disorder is a mental health problem for gamers that must be considered.

Not only WHO, this notion has also been approved by many doctors from around the world. Doctors argue that if one’s behavior of playing online games has been excessive, one should get serious medical treatment. The following article will discuss about the gaming disorder that is ready to haunt gamers.

What Is Gaming Disorder?

Gaming disorder is defined as a habit or pattern in prolonged online game play. It is not surprising that this habit makes someone prioritize playing online games over doing daily activities.

This mental health problem for gamers can be very serious considering that there are more and more online game players. Basically, addiction to playing online games is the same as any other addiction. This happens because everything you enjoy stimulates the brain to produce dopamine.

Dopamine is a hormone that produces feelings of happiness. The presence of these hormones will not have an addictive effect if the amount is not excessive. However, excessive levels of the dopamine hormone in the body can damage the hypothalamus.

The hypothalamus is a part of the brain that works to regulate emotions and moods. Therefore, you will feel euphoria which is marked by feelings of happiness, confidence, and excessive enthusiasm. If this happens continuously it will cause damage to the receptor systems and circuits in the brain

This is what causes a person to suffer from gaming disorder. Playing online games is a natural thing because many people do it for refreshing means. However, if not well controlled, this activity could causes serious addiction and has a negative impact on life.

Symptoms of Mental Health for Gaming Disorder

Reporting from WHO, gaming disorder occurs because a person cannot control the activities of playing online games. This person makes online games the top priority compared to other activities. This condition will have a negative impact on someone’s life because they are addicted to playing online games.

According to information from Medical News Today, someone who falls into the criteria for gaming disorder will find it difficult to regulate the desire to play online games compared to doing other activities.

People with gaming disorder will spend a long time playing online games. So they will ignore all important activities when playing online games, such as eating, resting, working, and so on. In addition, they will not focus on activities because they want to immediately play online games.

Basically, gaming disorder sufferers know and even realize about the dangers they can receive if they continuously play online games. But they can’t stop the bad habit.

Other symptoms are seen in the emergence of relationship problems with family, relatives, work, and disruption of educational problems.

Someone who falls into the criteria for a gaming disorder becomes a mental health disorder for gamers if the change occurs for 1 year or more. In addition, this disorder is usually coupled with other mental health problems, such as increased stress, depression, and even mood swings.

In addition, sufferers of gaming disorder will also increase the risk of obesity because sufferers do less physical activity while playing online games. They will also become irritable and irritable if someone stops them from playing the game or asks them to stop playing the game.

Gaming Disorder Mental Health Treatment

Even though the consequences can be fatal for daily life, gaming disorder can still be cured. With the help of professional therapists, such as the ones on BetterHelp, gamers with a gaming disorder can get the right treatment.

Gaming disorder is a mental health problem that is handled almost as same as someone who is experiencing addictive behavior. Assisted with a lot of support from the closest family members and relatives, they play a very important role in helping the patient’s treatment and recovery.

There are several types of treatments that can be done to treat gaming disorder, including:

  1. Therapy by psychiatrists to treat gaming disorder in order to overcome the desire to play online games excessively. This therapy is also carried out in a way that the people with gaming disorder know their identity and can rebuild their self-confidence properly. This treatment also provides assistance to gaming disorder sufferers to improve their ability to communicate with other people. So that relationships with family and friends will be reestablished again.
  2. Psychoeducation is also given as an effort to overcome the mental health problem for gamers. This method is carried out by providing education to people with gaming disorder about their habits or addictions to the mental disorders that they experienced.

In the end, there is nothing wrong with playing online games, but you have to be wise and rational to control the urge to play excessively. If you experience some of the symptoms mentioned above, you can immediately visit the nearest psychiatrist to get the right treatment.