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Meet BTR Renbo, The All-Role Pro Player of Bigetron Esports

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BTR Renbo

BTR Renbo is again included in the line-up of MPL Indonesia Season 8. This Bigetron star player is known as the Indonesian Mobile Legends veteran who has had an esports career since MPL Indonesia Season 1. His name has been spotted across several major esports teams in Indonesia, where he became a professional player.

Renbo’s career started with Lord, the Mobile Legends team that was once one of the top teams in the early days of Mobile Legends. Since then, he has joined Saints Indo with Jess No Limit. Unfortunately, during his time with the team, he has yet to experience the competitive scene.

BTR Renbo later joined BOOM.ID and played in MPL ID Season 2. Sadly, BOOM.ID had to stop in the qualifier round. There, his abilities are starting to get recognition, and his reputation skyrocketed when he finally joined Victim Esports.

His career in esports seems to have just started when he joined Victim. Together with a team consisted of Sanz, Saanji, On My Way, and Xinthink, they managed to win MDL Indonesia Season 1. Impressed by his excellent performance, he successfully attracted Bigetron Esports to invite Renbo to Bigetron Alpha.

Renbo became one of the mainstay players in Bigetron Alpha. Experiencing the ups and downs, Bigetron Alpha finally managed to score the runner-up position in MPL ID Season 7. Together with EVOS Esports, he also represented Indonesia at the MSC 2021 international tournament.

Renbo has a unique nickname. The origin of his nickname comes from his idol’s IGN (In-game name) in GetAmped game. He was amazed and inspired by the player skill, so he used it as his IGN in Mobile Legends.

BTR Renbo Is Able to Play A Wide Range of  Mobile Legends Hero

Deven Markos, also known as Renbo, is rumored to complete the formation and strengthen the team after he joined Bigetron. Considering that he had not been registered as a player in MPL ID back then, then the MPL ID Season 6 was his first tournament with Bigetron Alpha where he teamed up with Bravo, Taka, Branz, Rippo, and Dreams.

BTR Renbo’s capabilities are very wide and flexible. He is referred as one of the versatile players who is able to play as an all-role. He himself was originally known as a very skilled hardcore. His heroes’ pool is really wide, no wonder he can change his role to become a support mage and show off his developing gameplay.

In Bigetron Alpha, he was initially stationed as a support, considering that Branz was playing a core role that was difficult to be replaced. Even though he has moved to Bigetron, Renbo mentioned that he still wanted to play with Victim Esports. He conveyed that in the Jonathan Liandi’s Empetalk content.

Renbo said that his wish really came from his heart. He admitted that the chemistry between Victim Esports players was very strong. “From the chemistry, the jokes, no one acts so sophisticated. Everything is really equal, if there is a problem, we talked about it together,” Renbo explained. 

Victim Esports is indeed known as the team that dominates the MDL Indonesia tournament. They managed to win MDL Season 1 and becomes the top team competing against strong teams from big teams in Indonesia.

Victim Esports players also managed to beat the pro players who joined the Mobile Legends national team during the National Training Camp (Pemusatan Pelatihan Nasional, PELATNAS) and the Independence Cup.

However, BTR Renbo decided to expand his career to MPL. He decided to leave Victim Esports and signed a contract with Bigetron Alpha. In his first season in the team, he managed to bring the team to the top 3 ranks, and became runner-up in MPL ID Season 7.

About his Mobile Legends favorite heroes, BTR Renbo mentions his favorite heroes are Selena, Cecilion, and Kagura. The three heroes have unique skills that can be built to get the best performance. Selena can be called a mage assassin hero who must be played with high accuracy.

So it is not uncommon to mention that Selena is very difficult to play. Cecilion itself is a mage hero who has considerable damage and is one of the most feared heroes, whereas Kagura is also a mage hero who’s called as an “overpowered” hero.

BTR Renbo Almost Joined EVOS Legends

Another fact about BTR Renbo is that there was a time where he almost joined EVOS Legends as a pro player. At that time, the name of EVOS Esports was highly familiar. Moreover they also participated in the MPL Indonesia Season 1 tournament. The white tiger team is known as the team that dominates Indonesian mobile esports.

Through Empetalk, Renbo said he almost became an EVOS player, considering he entered Lord before moving to Saints Indo. It is known that Lord’s squad was acquired by EVOS Esports and later became the Mobile Legends team under EVOS Esports management. Many consider it the beginning of Renbo’s career with Saints Indo, but it turns out that he has started his career long ago.

Even BTR Renbo explained that he could only play Fanny and Hayabusa at that time. Both of them were the most feared heroes at the beginning of the Mobile Legends season. Renbo entered Saints as if he wanted to replace Oura, who was originally from Saints Indo and then joined Lord, who later became EVOS.

Oura often plays with Fanny, so Renbo fills the void at Saints Indo. It was here later that he played with several teams that accompanied him. He then docked at Bigetron Esports and recently signed a contract extension with them.

It can be said that Renbo managed to attract the attention of his colleagues at Lord, maybe his career will start in EVOS Legends. However, even if he finally gets into the team, no one knows whether he will still play as a professional player or not. Several players from Lord who entered EVOS have retired, such as Oura and Donkey, eventually becoming streamers and forming a new Mobile Legends squad.

Renbo was once accused of being racist because of a joke he made to one of the ONIC players.

Even though he was part of the Bigetron team, it didn’t make him break his friendship with some of the players he had been with before. Renbo also has friends outside the team, namely Drian, Pendragon, and Vaanstrong.

Last year, BTR Renbo and BTR DreamS were involved in the issue of racist jokes against ONIC Sanz. It started when a live stream was held by BTR Branz. The live stream was about an online match that was participated by several other Mobile Legends players, namely BTR Renbo, BTR Dreams, and ONIC Sanz.

BTR Dreams and BTR Renbo spontaneously threw “monkey” jokes at ONIC Sanz while playing. The joke was considered racist, and netizens immediately attacked the two Bigetron players, even BTR Branz could not escape from the netizen attacks.

Bigetron Esports as the manager that oversees the two players released a clarification to straighten out the allegations. Bigetron explained that the “monkey” joke was not intended to be a racist joke.

The “monkey” funny-name was actually a quite familiar name for ONIC Sanz because his favorite hero is Claude, who has a monkey as a pet partner.

Those three players are close friends because they have known each other for a long time. Crude jokes are very common between the three of them. The issue itself has been resolved, as BTR DreamS and BTR Renbo have apologized, and ONIC Sanz have also forgiven them both.

Rama Aldino I am a boy who can play Selena core in MLBB. I like eating, traveling, and love to spend my money on games. But sometimes I often think about "how to be successful at 25 years old?"