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Gaming disorder

Gaming Disorder: Mental Health Disorders on Gamers

Mental health disorders that occurred on gamers such as gaming disorder are important to address. Living leisure time by playing online...
Esportsnesia Team
3 min read
Clarissa Punipun Widjaya

Clarissa “Punipun” Widjaya: Fighting Sexual Harassment through “Speak Up” on Social Media

Becoming a public figure is not just a matter of looking attractive or having a good appearance. Not a few people...
Esportsnesia Team
6 min read
Yamaha PUBGM Online Competition

Activation Case Study: Yamaha PUBGM Online Competition

Still in the midst of pandemic Covid-19 where social distancing and social restrictions are still taking place, the esports industry is...
Esportsnesia Team
1 min read
video game

Perks of Playing Video Games: One Way to Maintain Mental Health

The effect of mental health in video games has long been the topic of conversation for many people from various backgrounds....
Esportsnesia Team
4 min read

Veronica “Velajave” Fortuna: Responding Body Shaming with Professionalism

Working in the esports industry is a matter of pride and seems fun to many people. However, esports doesn’t just talk...
Esportsnesia Team
5 min read

Activation Case Study: ESI Sumut Ramadhan Online Tournament

The year 2020 has shown itself as the prominent period to witness rise of esports, especially during the pandemic moment. Unlike...
Esportsnesia Team
3 min read