Perks of Playing Video Games: One Way to Maintain Mental Health

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The effect of mental health in video games has long been the topic of conversation for many people from various backgrounds. Playing games is often interpreted as something that is useless and has a lot of negative impacts. Even playing video games is often said to damage the brain, make people not productive, bad for mental health, and so on.

In fact, there are many positive benefits that can be felt from video games as long as they are not done excessively. It is important to remember that anything that is good if it is being done excessively (to the extent of addiction) it will also become bad.

On the other hand, even though playing video games seems only to fill the void of free time, there are actually many benefits behind playing video games, ranging from the joy of entertainment, maintaining life balance, to becoming a career choice in esports.

The following are 10 perks of playing video games that you can experience.

Improve English language skills

By playing video games, those who do not use English as their primary language are able to improve their foreign language skills, especially English. The logical explanation is fairly simple. Almost all video games, especially those that are played online, are connected to gamer from all over the world.

Certainly, this feature demands the players to be able to communicate in an international language, such as English. Not only that, various features or menus, along with description and storyline are oftentimes presented in English.

Hence, by playing video games, gradually you will be ‘forced’ to learn a language to communicate and eventually to complete the game.

Develops the right brain function

As we know, the right brain functions for tasks that are related to creativity and arts. This ability of the right brain can be enhanced through the benefits of playing video games. How?

Every video game is always equipped with problem solving challenge that requires the players to think creatively in solving problems. The problems that are presented in the game, it often looks easy, but not to be underestimated. It needs its gamer to exercise their creativity by planning strategy aimed to problem solving. Not to mention that oftentimes the game present out of the box questions.

By formulating strategy, this activity will certainly hone your right brain function.The developed skill certainly contribute to the development of your analysis capacity in the real life.

Relieves stress

Maintaining mental health by playing video games is very influential in relieving stress. Playing video games that are online or offline are very helpful in reducing your stress level from your daily routine. There is a particular experience of joy that is felt when you successfully complete a stage of the game.

Playing video games also can reduce the high blood pressure which can endanger the health of the body. Not only that, you can also play games with your family or closest friends for bonding.

For some people who experience mental health problem and depression, playing video games can help to relieve it. Or at least, they can be distracted from the problem for a moment. If you are experiencing mental health problems, you can also take counseling sessions or therapy. Click here if you need professional services.

Develops sense of teamwork

Games are not only played alone but can also be played with friends or team. This multiplayer type game also requires you to work together as a team. With this, playing video games can practice good communication skills among team members.

This ability is very relevant in the real world, especially when leading a company or organization that requires leaders to be able to coordinate their subordinates together to achieve goals.

Develops character

Gamer is not always the kind of person who gets emotional easily if they lose. On the contrary, when they experience defeat, they are slowly trained to be able to respond to it maturely. Enemies and difficult levels will train patience.

What if there are gamers who behave unnaturally after losing? Worry not. In the video game ecosystem, there is also a community that consists of members from various types of circles, from young to adult. With the presence of this community, fellow gamers can look after each other by giving a reminder if a gamer is doing something inappropriate.

In the case of online games, some game developers have also developed a controller feature so that all gamers can behave well and play sportsmanship.

If you feel tired of losing, it’s better to stop playing video games for a moment. Because if forced to continue, this will be unpleasant and even frustrating. Therefore, be aware of your own conditions and limitations when playing the game.

Improves focus

Precisely, video game players will be very focused when they are “in the game”. Amazingly, their focus can last for hours. This will greatly affect the ability to focus on everyday life.

In fact, playing video games can help people with autism who have problems become unable to stay still and easily get distracted by other things. Thus, playing video games will help them to learn to be more focused.

For example, playing the PUBG video game or the First Person Shooter (FPS) type of game will require a higher focus. So that if you lose focus just a little, the characters in the video game can be shot by the enemy and lose.

Improves brain performance

Playing video games does not damage the brain and can even improve brain performance. Indirectly, playing video games requires extra brain performance and forces the brain to learn to understand new information. For every new stage in the game, players will be invited to adapt and understand the new environment or mechanics that exist in order to complete the game.

Not only that, when you encounter a problem or a new mission in a video game, your thinking ability will also be tested. With strong abilities, both obstacles and difficult problems can be solved easily.

A new career choice

The trend of pursuing career in the esports realm is currently attracting people’s attention. How come? By playing games, you can take part in video game competitions or tournaments that are being held. No kidding, just winning a tournament can give you a very tempting amount of cash prizes.

Develops trait of an optimist

In playing video games, you are required to complete certain missions, for example, such as defeating your opponent. So, a positive attitude is also needed so that you can always be optimistic in every game. This attitude is very important, especially when you participate in competitive events both in the game and in the real world.

In addition, even if you lose, you will try again from the beginning to win, so that without realizing it, you will create an optimistic attitude in every game you play.

Improve your networks

Of the many benefits of playing video games that are good for mental health and brain, it turns out that another benefit is that you can make friends. The social impact of this one is felt by gamer.

The negative stigma circulating in society that says playing video games can make you antisocial and apathetic is no longer relevant.

Playing video games, especially online games, requires good teamwork among players. Of course this is very contrary to the stigma of society so far. In fact, not a few gamers hold gatherings to meet for real and increase friendship.

These are the various benefits of playing video games that can be felt, Not only good for brain performance, but also good for mental health and improving your social life.