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Meet RRQ GioGoi, The Next Alien of Indonesian Mobile Legends Ladies Pro Scene

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RRQ Giogoi

Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) Esports have made a ladies squad for Mobile Legends recently. Known as RRQ Mika, the team consists of newcomers whom names have never been heard before. One of them is RRQ GioGoi, who plays a Tanker role.

Presently, the members of RRQ Mika are RRQ Vivi, RRQ Ash, RRQ Quinnie, RRQ Lelepinkan, and RRQ GioGoi with RRQ Pou as the newest recruited person. Their debut in Mobile Legends pro player scene is brilliant and satisfying enough. One of its remarkable performance was when they were facing against MBR Delphyne.

During the tournament, Baxia, the tank hero commanded by Gio successfully becomes a hero that annoys its rival. She also showed her great playing skill while using Popol and Kuppa. Her good initiation made RRQ Mika dominated the fight which later brings fame to her name.

Moreover, she also has kind personality that makes her loved by her fans.

She is also an expert on using some support heroes. In order to understand about hero selections deeper, she often plays in Brawl Mode. There she will be forced to play a random hero, and improvise.

RRQ Giogoi’s First Esports Debut in RRQ Mika

RRQ Mika was RRQ GioGoi’s first team. In fact, it was her first time joining a real professional esports team. She started her debut in the highest pro scene of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang ladies scene. However, her above average gameplay and skills showed that she is worthy to be in the team.

RRQ Gio proved herself that she is worthy joining RRQ with her special capability. This bespectacled player saying that she was never expected to play in RRQ in her first career.

Talking about Mobile Legends, she started playing when the game was in the second season after released. She was only a public player at the moment. Just like any other casual gamers, she played with her friends and made a squad just for having fun doing her hobby as a gamer. Looking at her excellent competence, her friends recommended her to join an esports team.

Her friends supported and encouraged her for a better step. She herself was lose-hearted as she thought she won’t be selected to join RRQ. However, once she tried, she was grateful that she was given the opportunity to join RRQ Mika.

“But after trying it, I was so grateful that I was selected in RRQ Mika ladies team. I was grateful as all the players in it [RRQ Mika] are experts as well,” said GioGoi quoted from One Esports.

RRQ GioGoi: The “Alien” of Ladies Mobile Legends Pro Scene

Her exceptional skill leads RRQ Ash to name her “Alien” in the pro scene of MLBB ladies. It was not wrong to be named as the same with RRQ Lemon since she often uses unique hero yet still execute it in maximum capacity.

A player with a full name of Giovani Ngatiman responded to it humbly. According to her, to be called “Alien” is still way too far. She is now focusing on improving her skill and assuming that she is still on the process of developing it.

For her, playing the game confidently is the key to play well. When she can’t play a particular hero, she will practice to use the hero even more. Even when the RRQ Mika performed deficiently in UniPin Ladies Series Competition, they managed to improve it in the Woman Star League Tournament.

Gio’s skill was proven when RRQ GioGoi was nominated as Player of The Week in the Woman Star League (WSL) tournament Season 3 Week 3. She successfully brought RRQ Mika to rise and shine on the leaderboard after successfully winning the game against LOH Kyra as a rival. They fully won with a score of 2-0.

In the third week of Woman Star League regular season, Gio recorded herself as a player with 42 kills, 50 assists, and 10 deaths. The record made her selected to be the MVP of WSL.

With RRQ GioGoi in the team, they played brilliantly in the third week as they successfully defeated Alter Ego Nyx, LOH Kyra, and Geek Ladies.

During the tournament, she used her favorite hero, namely Popol and Kupa, Hylos, and Baxia. She also often plays tank and support role. The success of RRQ Mika to the next stage is because of its team work. They were successful on the third place on the leaderboard with Alter Ego in the second place and Belletron Era in the first place.

Loves to Pick Unique Heroes

As she is known with her great skill on playing the game, Gio is also known with her skill on playing many heroes. She loves to pick a hero with a unique role, which is the origin of how she can be called as an all-role-player in RRQ Mika.

When she started to embrace her new role as a midlaner, her skill was getting more and more recognized. She usually picks heroes that are rarely used by other players.

For instance, she played Beatrix, Brody, Guinevere and Hayabusa in Woman Star League Tournament. She was able to use the heroes in a good rotation and mechanic. Mastering many heroes is Gio’s skills that is highly respected.

However, she said that she, her coach, and her team, have discussed about heroes’ draft that will be picked and worthy to be played. She was not the only one who gives an opinion, it is about which one is worthy to be played.

“Actually, I was not really good at all-role. I just understand the skill as I used it. Sometimes I still missed the skill though,” she explained when responding her role as all-role, quoted from One Esports.

RRQ GioGoi has a lot of skills as all-role-player with her great performance. It is not too much to call her as the next “Alien” on Mobile Legends female pro scene. However, as she mentioned, she was still in the process of improving to be a better player.

Aisyatus Zahro An English student who loves to travel and learn new things. Dreaming to go to Neverland and meet Peter Pan. Sometimes, she writes and spends her time experiencing an experience.