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Meet RRQ Pou: RRQ Mika’s Pro Player     

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RRQ Mika introduces their new players from 7Heaven Esports to strengthen the team power in the Woman Star League (WSL) Season 3. Even though RRQ Mika was just formed, they were successful in showing their quality in WSL Season 3. One of the new athlete was RRQ Pou who played the Tank/Roamer role.

RRQ Pou was rumored to be the player who will substitute for RRQ Vivi, as she will terminate herself from the pro scene of Mobile Legends, after the WSL Season 3.

RRQ Pou showed her skill off as a pro player when she debuted versus Alter Ego Nyx in the WSL Season 3.

Before debuting in RRQ Mika, she once belonged to 7Heaven Esports and Morph Team.

When RRQ Pou was assigned to face Alter Ego Nyx, she avenged RRQ Mika’s defeat in that first tournament. Eventually, RRQ Mika won with the score of 2-0. Indeed, it was a good signal for RRQ Mika’s consistency in the WSL tournament and for the next competition.

Although she has just joined RRQ Mika in the tournament, Pou is one of the players who draw enough attention for her gameplay and her personality. RRQ Mika that was officially formed on May 19th, 2021 later on was successful to become the runner-up for Woman Star League Season 3. RRQ Mika successfully defeated EVOS Lynx.

Unfortunately, their step stopped in the final stage where they have to fight against Belletron Era, who was the new champion in the tournament after EVOS Lynx.

The presence of Pou in the team contributes to a great improvement to RRQ Mika, with her teammates: RRQ GioGoi, RRQ Quinnie, RRQ Lele, RRQ Vivi, and RRQ Ash.

RRQ Pou Marks Her New Achievement with RRQ Mika

On her first debut with RRQ Mika, RRQ Pou successfully achieved an individual achievement as an Angel of The Week in the 3rd week of tournament. The achievement amplifies the popularity of RRQ Pou and also RRQ Mika as a new team of MLBB ladies.

RRQ Pou who bears the name of Salsabila Mia Fidela in real life, has made a record for her team with the total 7 Assists, 9 Kills, and 26 Deads. With those stats, it was not a surprise if she was called as a Mother Khufra by her fans for her great skill in controlling Khufra.

It is important to note that Pou is not a new player in the Mobile Legends female pro scene in Indonesia. She once joined 7Heaven Esports and has recorded good achievements with the team.

When she was interviewed in the Woman Star League, she did mention that moving to a new team was not easy.

RRQ Pou mentioned that she had a bit of difficulty as she had to re-adapt her gameplay with her new team. Though, in her first game, she admitted that she was nervous. However, those things were pretty normal since she was a new player to the team, yet she successfully demonstrated her great skill during the tournament.

Pou joining RRQ Mika brought a positive trend to RRQ when Vivi couldn’t play. They were successful to show the world that the new team was able to be manage.

The player, who was familiarly called as Maspou, has a lot of achievements.

Before playing for RRQ, Pou was the only female player who was successful to proceed to national stage of Liga Mahasiswa Indonesia (Indonesian College League) for Mobile Legends. She was the representative of Jenderal Achmad Yani University, competing for the first place in LIMA Esports.

RRQ POU: Once Mocked, Now Praised

RRQ Pou is one of the players who have a unique IGN (in-game name) because of its unique story  origin. That handle was inspired from people mocking her when she played in an online game competition.

During the competition, she didn’t play well so that there was a particular person mocking her. That person mocked her to play Pou games instead.

FYI, Pou is a video game with a potato-shaped-character that needs to be taken care of, similar with tamagochi.

Quoted from Revival TV, she played badly in that game. Hence, she was mocked not to  play the game anymore since she was just burdening her team.

“So, I was inspired from that moment, well I will change my nickname into Pou then,” said RRQ Pou from WSL.

Even though she had a bad experience, it didn’t make her giving up in esports. She didn’t take the mocking as a reason to stop playing video games. In fact, she made that ‘tragedy’ as her nickname to motivate herself to improve better as a player. 

Although she was once mocked, now she has turned the mockery into a pride among esports fans to be one of the players of in Indonesia.

RRQ Pou Idolizes RRQ Vyn and RRQ Liam

Now that RRQ Pou is a new idol in the MLBB female pro scene, she also have role models that inspired her to be bettter. Her role models also come from RRQ Esports, especially in the RRQ Hoshi.

In this case, Pou is one of the pro players who had the privilege to be in the same team with  her idols.

In her Instagram live stream with RRQ AP and RRQ Ash, RRQ Pou has started to bond closer with fellow RRQ Mika players. In her talk, she mentioned Liam and Vyn as her idol since she played Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

In that session, RRQ Pou asked RRQ AP about the possibility to meet both of her idols. She is already happy to join RRQ Esports, and to be in the same team with her idols certainly doubled her happiness.

Her question showed how she idolizes RRQ Liam and RRQ Vyn.

RRQ AP, as the CEO of RRQ Esports, promised to make a content that shows the players to meet and know each other. RRQ Liam himself often plays with RRQ Mika. Unfortunately, RRQ Pou hasn’t joined RRQ yet at that time.

Some time ago, there is also a post from RRQ Liam complimenting RRQ Pou’s skill as a tank user through an Instagram Direct Message. Liam left a message for her to remain humble and keep learning. It definitely made RRQ Pou happy as she was noticed and complimented by her idol.

That’s a small bite of RRQ Pou’s profile who took a big leap with RRQ Mika.

Aisyatus Zahro An English student who loves to travel and learn new things. Dreaming to go to Neverland and meet Peter Pan. Sometimes, she writes and spends her time experiencing an experience.