The Importance of Controlling Emotion for Esports Athlete

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Mental health for professional esports athletes seems like an interesting thing to discuss. Working according to your passion is a lot of fun, just like gamers who want to become esports athletes as their dream job.

However, once you are living the dream, you will realize that being a professional esports athlete is not as easy as many people think. They have to sacrifice a lot of time (and money) to become a professional esports star.

Not to mention the constant pressure that haunts and demands them to always deliver a good performance. This pressure, if not being well taken care of, could cause the mental health of esports athletes to be disturbed.

The Importance of Controlling Emotions for Esports Athletes

An esports psychologist, Mia Stellberg, who has worked for Astralis, one of the the world’s best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) team, said that overall being a professional esports athlete has a heavier workload when compared to other traditional sports athletes.

Esports athletes have many responsibilities that are invisible to the general public. While working at Astralis, Stellberg was tasked with knowing the condition of esports athletes and helping them to get better and one of them was controlling their emotions.

If you often play competitive games, you will be familiar with the term “rage quit”. But it is very unfortunate because esports players are unlikely to express this while playing in a big crowd.

A person usually feels frustrated if he makes a mistake or even loses. In addition, enemies who make fun of them can also make esports athletes’ mentally down. If not controlled, this frustration can make an esports athlete to make more mistakes.

Making mistakes and feeling frustrated will lead to more mistakes and the frustration will increase like entering into a vicious circle.

The role of psychologists at that moment was to try to teach esports athletes to think rationally and stay calm even if they make mistakes. That way they can stay focused when playing and return to good performance.

How to Control Esports Athlete Emotions

The tips to maintain and deliver your best performance even though you have made mistakes before is to stay calm and think clearly. Avoid stress as it can affect your eye, hand coordination and reaction time.

Your self-confidence is also affected by your performance. If you feel insecure it can be easier to feel stressed. Stay focused on the game in progress and don’t think about other things like your opponent’s profile or superiority during a match. Maintain focus on what matters to win the match.

Benefits of Controlling Emotions for Esports Athletes

The ability to control good emotions is very important for professional esports athletes when they are competing. In fact, this can also be practiced long before they compete.

Controlling emotions not only makes a professional esports athlete make fewer mistakes, but it can also make them gain the upper hand position. When esports athletes feel that they will definitely win, they will be more relaxed in playing.

However, if you are not careful, it can make your self-esteem become excessive and actually backfire. Excess confidence in esports players can be an obstacle for their team to win.

Things That Disturb Esports Athletes Emotional Stability

Based on the experience that often happens on the field, players can feel insecure if their opponents are considered to be more popular and better than themselves. Then on the other hand, esports athletes can also feel pressured because they have to satisfy their fans.

In addition, the mentality of esports players is also tested if they don’t achieve a goal, for example winning a tournament. Not everyone can firmly accept failures in the same phase in succession.

While at the beginning maybe they are able to keep up the spirit, but after three or four times failing continuously it actually makes them to start doubting themselves. They will not believe in their own abilities and when they play they will feel more pressure.

Conversely, if they have been abroad to represent Indonesia and are suddenly asked to represent Indonesia again, they will feel very high pressure. Because it is not an easy thing for esports athletes when they play to represent certain regions.

They definitely do not want to harm the national milestone. And if this pressure is not controlled, it will make the esports players psychologically to be disturbed and even experience sleeping disorder.

Playing games is fun, but when you already hold the title as a professional esports player, playing games is not only entertainment but a profession.

There are so many demands that must be met. An esports player also has to spend time playing a role to become proficient until they are worthy of being called a professional.

Now you know what it’s like to be a professional esports player. Even though esports players are seen just sitting in front of the screen and playing, who would have thought that they were also facing various problems that didn’t look like mental pressure.

Controlling emotions, stress, and mental stress is the responsibility of professional esports athletes. If you know esports athletes who find it difficult to control their emotions, you can recommend them to a mental health service like BetterHelp to get professional advice.