3 Tips for Effective Banner Placement in Esports Media

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Banner placement tips

Banner Placement Tips – In this 21st century, many of our conventional activities have much shifted to the digital realm, not to mention that the behavior is further boosted for us living in the pandemic time.

This digital trend has also encouraged the creative marketing people to adapt, especially in utilizing the opportunity to advertise via banner placements in site with high traffic.

Designing digitals banners may seem easy to be done yet what is daunting is on its effectivity. Yes, what is the point of having good-looking banners with no-one clicking through it?

In order to avoid the designing efforts to be in vain, there are some tips to help marketers running their campaign in the digital realm. Moreover, these tips are also applicable in esports media news, such as Esportsnesia.com.

Tips for effective banner placements

Invest in esports industry – The Why

Statistical data as of May 2020 shows that the esports market has been booming in recent years with more and more viewers watching their favorite esports games played by the best professional players in the world.

The key figures shows an optimistic view that the esports industry will escalate into a more lucrative entertainment business. Recently there are many companies, both endemic and non-endemic, who have been making themselves relevant to the esports audiences.

Mercedes-Benz automotive is one of the leading brands who invested their marketing in esports and the Dota 2 community. They do not hesitate to express their support for esports events through a sponsorship program.

Types of Esports Marketing

There are several ways how to market your products or services to reach the esports audiences. They can be accessible in the form of event activations, digital content placements, banner placements, KOL, and also through social media campaigns. On this occasion, we will discuss more about the banner placements.

What is a Banner Placement?

For the the sake of definition, banner placement is a way of digital marketing strategy by placing advertisements display on websites that possess your targeted audiences.

What makes banner placement so special?

It does certainly drive traffic to your website! Having your online presence in a high traffic site makes your brand easier to be discovered by the audience.

Besides, if a marketing staff can only work for 8 hours a day to promote  your brand, your digital advertisement can remain productive for a non-stop 24 hours. There are no limitations on what you can achieve in promoting your brand.

With the mentioned advantages of running digital banners above, the next ‘homework’ is to identify a media site that is consistent in its content and viewership, and also one that is able to foresee the ‘future opportunity’, such as the rise of esports industry.

Believe it or not, during this time of pandemic, the needs for entertainment to that calms the heart and mind, such as gaming activities, have surged significantly. This trend demands more circulation of information that can only be found in esports media.

Benefits of Digital Banner Placement

With the advertising displayed on all site pages, your web banner can offer the following benefits to grow your brand:

  • increase target audience awareness of issues that they may have yet recognized,
  • educate the audience about the benefits of the products/services that your brand have,
  • provide constructive evaluations regarding the products or services we have by comparing them to competitors, and
  • help the audience to remember that your brand still exists and strives to grow.

Now that we are already on the same page, it is time to reveal the tips to create an attractive digital banner.

3 Tips To Effectively Create Digital Banner Design

To streamline this digital banners creation, these are 3 tips that can be used as a guideline in making advertisements on the website.

First, the ad must look attractive in order to attract the attention of the general public so that the marketing message that is owned can penetrate every opportunity that exists.

Make sure you create an ad that stands out like using animation, human faces, brand colors, and conveniently readable text. Make sure the design results are equipped with high resolution, and no blurred objects!

Second, your ad design should be concise to make sure your message sticks.

It is possible that someone saw your ad and only briefly noticed it.

Third, the content of the advertisement that is made must be clear, which is able to clearly communicate a marketing message about a product or service.

This banner placement service will display your ad on all web pages. Just imagine, if thousands of website visitors were surfing through their fingers. How many eyes are there on your company and its products or services?

How many brains are there processing every interesting piece of information you offer? And how many people will contact you because they need the product or service you offer?

Ensure that you have done enough preparation and research on your targeted audience and communication style.

If you are ready to be at the forefront of what people are looking for because of their needs, we are ready to be your partner. We are open to discussion at any time. Click here to consult with us!