Activation Case Study: Yamaha PUBGM Online Competition

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Yamaha PUBGM Online Competition

Still in the midst of pandemic Covid-19 where social distancing and social restrictions are still taking place, the esports industry is one among the few that keeps on striving forward despite of the existing limitations.

The pandemic trend, “work from home”, has encouraged everyone to being productive at home. This trend does not significantly affect the esports ecosystem growth, for esports can easily adapt itself into the virtual realm. This very trait of event transformation has successfully attracted the attention of brands to utilize esports as a mean of their marketing activation campaign.

Just last month, we had the opportunity to run an online sponsored esports event from a reputable brand in the motorbike automotive industry, namely Yamaha PUBGM Online Competition.

Yamaha PUBGM Online Competition

Taking place virtually for all Indonesians in October 24th -25th, this online tournament also promotes the social distancing campaign to encourage the public to #playfromhomewithyamaha.

The competition was held for 2 days from 2-6 PM, livestreamed, along with the support of local shoutcaster talents. Consisted of 60 participating amateur teams, the participants competed for a prize pool of IDR 5 million.

As a mean to attract further attention for the viewership, the hosts were also running giveaways of the sponsorship merchandise, to further enhance the public attention.

This esports activation tournament provided the sponsors with branding opportunity through numerous channels, starting from the live streaming layout that featured the brand logo on both top and bottom of the screen, followed by presentation of a sponsored video during the break, running text, and finally brand interactions with the audience facilitated by the hosts.

Yamaha PUBGM Online Competition Statistics

Prior to the competition, the organizing team did a community marketing to ensure the participants slot to be fulfilled; and it works effectively.

Yamaha PUBGM Online Competition

As for the digital performance of the tournament, the following information is the insight we extracted from YouTube analytics

  • Total Impressions: 5.200
  • Total Views from Impressions: 1.118
  • Total Watch Time from Impressions (hours): 105,95
  • Average Impressions CTR: 23%
  • Average Watch Time (hours): 2,3
  • Average View Duration: 2.15
  • Unique Audiences: 784
  • Concurrent Viewers: 133

As for the demographics of age and gender, the event was dominated by young male viewers aged 18-24 years old whom numbers reached to a percentage of more than 86%.

  • Average % of 13-17 years old: 10.6%
  • Average % of 18-24 years old: 57.9%
  • Average % of 25-34 years old: 26.9%
  • Average % of 35-44 years old: 4.6%

Yamaha PUBGM Online Competition

It is safe to concur that the highest viewership came from the 18-24 year age group consisting of young adult who have either just graduated from high school, getting into college, or fresh graduates.

Geographical-wise, the audience is certainly dominated by Indonesians who reach a percentage of 90%.

Overall, the tournament ran smoothly and successfully and left behind a distinct brand impression on both the organizers and the participating teams.

Yamaha PUBGM Online Competition was won by a team called WATCHANDLEARN achieving total points of 59. The following is the leaderboard of the 18 finalists.

leaderboard Yamaha PUBGM Online Competition